The LETSystem Trust

The LETSystem Trust has been established to facilitate the process of LETSystem development and ensure that development proceeds in a manageable way. Beneficiaries of the Trust can donate their own work - such as brochures, software, procedures etc - so providing the Trust with a growing body of knowledge around the subject.

Trust beneficiaries agree with each other on the protocols and structures to be used for development. In return for working collectively in this way, they have the right to use any of the material held by the Trust, including the use of the LETSystem service mark.

The Trust aims to rediscover the advantages of common property (not private but not public either). Like other commoners, Trust beneficiaries are responsible to each other for the upkeep of the common-wealth. And beneficiaries have to do all the work themselves, raising finance for their projects if necessary (the Trust doesn't even have a bank account at present). The advantage is that beneficiaries have common aims, so they help and support each other in achieving them, and they are not struggling on their own.

The following beneficiaries, who are actively working in LETSystem Development, have agreed to act as contacts for the Trust:

Fraser How

2 Grosvenor Road
Whalley Range
M16 8JP
0161 226 4321

Rob Squires

To be updated

Krysia Soutar

Ingle Dene, Low Hill
Bury Fold Lane
01254 771555

Les Moore

Unit 5
18 Ashwin Street
E8 3DL
020 7254 4593

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